Welcome to GVF Productions, Inc., serving the broadcast, entertainment, commercial, and corporate industries with the highest quality product and exceptional service. It is a full service Production Company.

Services include:

Executive Producing
Creative Producing

GVF Productions is a Los Angeles based entertainment production company that has been in existence since 1986. It is a company that specializes in producing live television specials, tribute shows, comedy specials, award shows, reality shows, beauty pageants, concerts, and corporate events.

GVF has produced live and taped music and award shows including fifteen Grammy Premiere Ceremonies, ten Person of the Year Tributes, four Music Video Awards, twelve Latin Grammy Premiere Ceremonies, commercials for Anheuser-Busch, Ford Model Agency, Clairol and Covergirl, as well as dozens of music concerts.

The Founder and Executive Producer is Greg V. Fera. He has almost thirty-five years of production experience and over twenty-five years as an Executive producer and director. He has Executive produced and directed the half-hour comedy pilots “Big Red,” Facetime with Fred Willard,” and reality shows “Flippin’ Houseboats,” “Look Who’s Cooking,” “Yoga with DeDe,” and “In the Hood,” along with directing pilots for Jim Henson’s “Late Night Buffet with Augie & Del,” and “Puppet Up.” Greg also directed the ABC/Jim Henson series “Muppets Tonight.” Greg has an MFA in writing from Pepperdine University.